POWER on Integrity

All members of Hana Financial Group are empowered with the “Hana attitude”, a strong and creative corporate culture. The core values shared and practiced by the HFG family are our most precious intangible treasure, which is the standard for the value judgments made and actions taken by HFG.​

POWER on Integrity

    as passionate as the sun Doing our best with a sense of responsibility and pursuing a higher value through change and innovation


    a heart as open as the sky Identifying with and understanding people, or situations, with flexibility and without prejudice


    the customer is king Studying and satisfying customers needs while always keeping in mind that customers come first


    Professionalism that shines like the stars Developing different-iated capabilities in respective areas to gain the customers’ highest level of confidence


    Sincere respect and a caring heart Putting oneself in other people’s shoes with the basic mind-set of developing individual capabilities and eliciting mutual cooperation


integrity as steadfast as the mountains Faithfully carrying out one’s duties with integrity, Based on the ethics of financial professionals