Differentiated investments with a long-term perspective

We aim to rapidly respond to changing market conditions and generate
stable returns based on comprehensive and systematic research

Generate sustained·stable
returns utilizing our distinguished capabilities in alternative investments

  • Highest
    customer satisfaction
    Targeting highest customer
    satisfaction through aggressively
    responding the changing market
    and providing ongoing
    investment updates
  • Fiduciary duty
    Transparent fund management
    by a management team
    composed of the best real
    estate and special asset
    experts in Korea
  • Systematic
    Decision-making and risk
    management system
    Corporate-side risk
    management system for each
    investment type based upon
    a robust internal control system
    and systematic decision-making
  • Discover quality
    Investment targets
    Identify and offer quality assets
    that can generate long term,
    stable returns rather
    than short-term profits